Partial Mp3 history

Animal Collective - Slippi
The Legends - Call it Ours
Brendan Benson - Alternative to Love
Antonio Carols Jobim & Luiz Bonfa - Samba de Orfu
Iron & Wine - He lay in Reins
I love Math - On the Green
Moving Units - Between Us and Them
Rogue Wave - Endless Shovel
Fiery Furnaces - Crystal Clear
Albino Catfish - Attack of the Bed Bugs
Secret Machines - Nowhere Again
A.C. Newman - Miracle Drug
The Streets - Fit But you Know it
Vetiver - Amerilie
Stevie Ray Vaughn - Acoustic 12-String Jam
Jack Johnson - Dylan Poem (live)
Ray Charles - What I'd Say
Jolie Holland - All the Morning Birds
Curt Kirkwood - Oh Me (live)
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Angels Share
The 88 - Elbow Blues
Jimi Hendrix - Gypsy Eyes (Apartment Take)
Ugly Casanova - Baby Clean Conscience (studio)
The Big Sleep -
Swearing at Motorists - Telford to North Main
Iron & Wine - Rooster Moans (Live)
Iron & Wine - Upward over the Mountain (live)
The Beatles - The Two Of Us (Take 4)
Matt Ward - So Much Water
Bob Marley - Stop That Train(Radio Performance)
Bob Marley - Walk the Proud Land(Radio Performance)
The Pixies - Winterlong (live)
Jay Z - December 4th (Grey Album)
The Yardbirds - White Summer (acoustic)
Devendra Banhart - The Body Breaks

Mum - Green Grass of Tunnel Jack Johnson & Mason Jennings The New Pornographers - The fake headlines
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
Radiohead - Just(acoustic)
The Liars - Mr. You're on Fire Mr.
Four Tet - Everything is Alright
Sufjan Stevens
Modest Mouse
7-29-04 - Awry. Things have gone a bit. I guess this'll be more like a Friday update. The first track is from some Swedish dudes called The Legends. "Call It Ours" is catchy, poppy, and well worth a listen. I was able to find a review of these guys but not an actual site. They're an eight piece that formed in 2003, that's about all I can tell you. Secondly, the Animal Collective have been buzzing around for quite awhile now. Their sounds are different and welcomed with an open arm. Received Vetivers new album in the mail the other day along with Jolie Hollands. Two very naked albums, production wise, which just accentuates the talents of both artists. Good stuff.

The Legends - Call It Ours || Animal Collective - Slippi
Pink Floyd Vault
Public Enemy tracks?
Couple Pixies and Yoshimi thing
Disk Golf
Words Per Minute

Wing Off Pics

7-22-04 - Obliterated. I was cruising through some of the links to these music blogs I had posted below and ran into two very interesting tracks. First, Iron & Wine doing an unreleased track called "He Lays in The Reins." Said the Gramophone, thank you. Not sure if he did this track the IOTA performance or not. The other is Brazilian double trouble - Antonio Carols Jobim & Luiz Bonfa - doing a tune called "Samba de Orfu." Different, but nice. And last but not least, a third track by this dude I stumbled upon on Insound. Brendan Benson. I'm a fan of this dudes songwriting abilities, "Alternative for Love" caught my attention right away. I did some research and he's actually working with Jack White right now and appeared on Last Call with Daly at some point over the past few months. Definitely give him a listen.

Iron & Wine - He Lays in the Reins || Antonio Carols Jobim & Luiz Bonfa - Samba de Orfu || Brendan Benson - Alternative to Love
Ninja Jeopardy
Pencil Tricks
Sidewalk Art
Iron & Wine vault
Syd Barrett tracks
Ben Folds Boot
Hendrix 7-30-70
Nellie McKay on NPR

7-20-04 - Change. Ordered Vetiver, Jolie Holland, and the Fiery Furnaces new - or in JH's case, old - disks yesterday. I've gone through Cheap-Cds for upwards of 50 Cds and they've never done me wrong. 2-3 days tops. Moving Units throw out a cool sound. It'll remind you of the ______. Listen to it, good stuff. I can't seem to find much about I Love Math. What's it matter though, I love them. Math. You can dig around here a little bit, but won't find much. Purchase the album through amazon and tip your waitresses. And with a wing eating contest around the corner, I figured Spoon may be able to utilize a technique or two from one of these folks. The badlands spin move technique?

Moving Units - Between Us And Them || I Love Math - On The Green
Jimmy the Fin
Scare Tactics
MBE Shows
Iron & Wine KEXP(mp3)
The 88 Mp3s
Pop Matters

7-15-04 - I lied. A dear friend lent me Devendra Banharts compilation "Golden Apples of the Sun" yesterday. I enjoy it very much. Thank you. Todays tracks are The Fiery Furnaces, who were reviewed by Tiny Mix Tapes recently, and Rogue Wave. Give both tracks a go. Rogue Wave are Subpops recent project and we all know they've, Subpop that is, spit out quite a few of those in their time. They gave Nirvana a leg up in the early nineties and have torn through some incredible musicians recently which include Iron & Wine, The Shins, Hot Hot Heat, Postal Service and Holopaw just to name a few. Enjoy.
Fiery Furnaces Crystal Clear || Rogue Wave - Endless Shovel
Seventh Frame Photography
Don't Let Go
Political Voodoo Dolls
Mum Interview
Bukowski Audio

7-12-04 - The image to the left is a view of some forest fires in Utah from space. Not very exciting, but the NASA site has some ridiculous pictures if you want to check them out. Astronomy Picture of the Day is another neat one. The Secret Machines and Albino Catfish are both pretty sweet. Pitchfork and Tiny Mix Tapes both gave the Secret Machines two thumbs up, and while I've had no luck in finding many reviews on Albino Catfish, they're definitely worth a listen.

Secret Machines - Nowhere Again || Albino Catfish - Attack of The Bed Bugs
Cone Crazy
Three Card Studs
Beck Rarities
Sharing the Groove

7-8-04- With the exception of the Vetiver track last week, I've been a slacker since the 20th of June with the posting of tunes. No more. First it's the AC Newman track, "Miracle Drug." His latest solo album, The Slow Wonder, has garnered critical acclaim. He also writes most of the lyrics for The New Pornographers. Oy, the second track is from The Streets newish album, "A Grand Don't Come For Free". Mike Skinners raps are back, solid, funny, and prove that "Original Pirate Material" was no fluke. What's next? Some new original acousticwood tunes maybe?

A.C. Newman - Miracle Drug || The Streets - Fit But You Know It
Gettin High with Grandma
Franz Ferdinand Live
GWB Audio Archive
Live Music Archive (.shn)
Poker Room

7-6-04 - As you may have noticed, the new message board is up and running. I hope you all enjoy it much more than the other one that constantly peppered us with pop-ups because I wouldn't pay a $17 monthly fee. This one is free and much more organized although it may take a little adjusting to. I hope to finish off the design in the coming days. Don't be afraid to register, it's worth it and you won't have spam flying to your inbox. If you want to register but don't want to submit an email address, that's fine too. As for some tunes, Nellie McKay is quite an interesting musician. Chris Sander of See Sander Run saw her at Bonaroo and said she was very cool. Willie Porter is another one. I haven't really listened to but one song, but Dave Matthews came to mind. Probably wrong, give it a shot. Also, Fat Planet has some very diverse tunes. Thanks Largeheartedboy, my favorite music related blog.
Fat Planet
Mustang Chase
Crazy Golf
Nellie McKay Review
6-25-04 - Yep, the flurry of updates continues. Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. Vetiver opened up and was a delightful surprise. I'd posted one of their tracks up here before, one I found through Playing In Fog. Here's a review of one of their shows out in San Fran. Joanna Newsom and her Harp were next. Before I go on, I must note that I am about to eat my words and spoon will be poking fun at T$, MD, and I for years to come. She did an excellent job. Apart from being attractive, she played the hell out of that harp which stunned the whole place. You see someone stumble in with such an instrument, you're not sure what to expect, but she flat out worked it. And it wasn't just her harp, her lyrics and voice grew on you as her performance progressed. A fine job indeed. Devendra was next. I must admit we were quite disappointed in the length of his set. It was shorter than the opening acts, the two which ultimately stole the show. He put on a good show, just not very long. For the Encore he had the girls from the other bands come up and sing background vocals on a new tune which turned out to be one of the highlights of the evening, albeit it was too little, too late, as the bar had been set earlier in the night by the two underappreciated artists.

Vetiver(****) || Joanna Newsom (****) || Devendra Banhart (**.5)
Vetiver Interview
Joanna Newsom Interview
Devendra Banhart Interview
Mustang Police Chase
Boots upon Boots
Tabs Tabs Tabs
Yeti Sports - Flamingo Drive
Kill Bill Game
Alien Abduction
Shark Bait

6-24-04 - We'll be making our way back to IOTA this evening to check out Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom which should be cool. Devendra's Rejoicing in the Hands and Newsom's Milk Eyed Mender were recently reviewed by pitchfork. I've said it once and I'll say it again, IOTA is the best place in this area, In my opinion, to see a live show. Check out a couple of the links if in need of wasting time. The game arse race is pretty funny. Equipped with whips and beans, you bet on an arse through five races and pile up as much winnings as possible. Tiny Mix Tapes is sort of like pitchfork....sort of. Just another resource for music and the movie quiz is challenging...for me. And how about Mark Cuban taking some ball players of the Wizards hands? Talk about a nice guy! With the end of June nearing it's worth noting the Skins first preseason game is on the 6th of August.
Today in History
Movie Trivia
Car Parking
Tiny Mix Tapes
Arse Race
Liz Phair in Stuff
Live Modest Mouse

Review @ IOTA, June 22nd, 2004
Lang Try(***), Cass McCombs(*), Iron & Wine(*****)

It's amazing how a year or two seems to change a musician. As I remember, to hear Sam the last two times (Black Cat, IOTA) was near impossible. His whisper and quiet ballads were no match for the crowd. For his last stop at IOTA, he shared the stage with Sam Jayne(Love as Laughter), Rosie Thomas, and James Mercer(The Shins). This time around it was clearly noticeable the crowd was more focused on Sam and not the aura that four well groomed musicians bring to the stage.

To start the night, Lang Try (Patrick McKinney) played a set of instrumental tunes. While it's hard to capture an audience for a 1/2 hour with just an acoustic on hand, he managed to do so quite well. With a beautiful Gibson and alternately tuned Taylor, he kept you dialed in and let you "choose your own adventure" so to speak, by telling you his interpretation of the song when it was written and from there let your visual creativity take over. "This song is about a girl trying to catch a train while in the fields of..." etc....then he'd jam the story out, pretty cool. He's the backup guitarst for I&W.

Cass McCombs was a disaster from the start. The vocals were messed up throughout but the guitarist and remaining band members trudged on and produced a good sound. It didn't seem like a great setting for these guys to play in. Maybe it was a bit small, but you could still make out a couple of tunes which were nice.

I liked the Washingtons Post thoughts on Sam Beam, saying "Beam looks a bit like a haunted figure from a Civil War photograph, and his songs, too, feel of another time." Beam played flawlessly throughout and took numbers such as "Southern Anthem" and "Weary Memory," from The Creek Drank the Cradle, and put a new and different spin on them. McKinney, whether on the acoustic or lap slide guitar, is a great compliment to Beams unique plucking and effortlessly intertwines both sounds. As an onlooker I felt as though I could have been in the studio listening to them make the album. You would have been able to hear a pin drop. The subtle and gentle sounds that Iron & Wine have made not only were able to keep 150 quiet and attentive, they were enough to paint a portrait of each song as if it were 150 years ago.

Washington Post Review

6-22-04 - Here are a couple of tracks I believe have been posted at some point or another. First off, Stevie Ray Vaughn's acoustic jamout. Ridiculous. The other is Jack Johnson covering a Bob Dylan tune from a show at IOTA in Arlignton, VA. Pardon the recording, as it's pretty crappy, but I used a bullshit handheld mic to do it like 2 1/2 years ago. I also wanted to post it because my buddy T$ and I will be spending a good part of the next 3 days at IOTA watching Iron & Wine, Cass McCombs, Devendra Banhart, and Johanna Newsom. The rave reviews of Ms. Newsom still keep popping up but I've yet to inhale. Some find this funny considering I'm an avid fan of Devendra's. Something tells me a duet and the live setting will probably fix all that. Check out these psycho B.A.S.E jumpers. And for some reason I don't think I'll be able to promote my site the way these guys suggest. Don't forget to click on the pic, a little fun with photoshop.

Table Top Football
Beer History
Ozomatli (KCRW)
Protest Records Mp3s
Scissor Kick Blog
Driving Mad
Truth In Advertising
Terry Tate's World

6-18-04 - Been a little behind recently, apologies. My apology extends even further since I wasn't able to post a track of the late Ray Charles until today. The track "What I'd Say" is a great way to listen to this incredible musician. Enjoy and thanks Walkie Talkie, didn't want to steal your bandwidth. Jolie Holland has an excellent voice that draws you in. The sound the recording exudes gives it the feel of a very old take even though it was within the past couple years. Goscard has been updated with some random shit and I added the pics of Hoffs memorial day party a couple weeks ago. Here's Modest Mouse's performance from Jimmy Kimmel. Right Click and "Save As." Watch out, it's a large file. Next week presents a couple of sweet shows at IOTA. Sam Beam, aka Iron & Wine, cruises through town on the 21st and 22nd with Devendra Banhart following on the 24th.

Music (For Robots)
Spoon Demos (New Album)
Chromewaves Mp3s
Mini Putt
Sonic Youth (KCRW)
Live on Penn(MD)
Mistery & Misery

6-10-04 - Trying to get in an update before Friday begins. First off, the tracks below are Curt Kirkwood live, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, and The 88. Kirkwood has been around for 20+ years and is best known for his work with the Meat Puppets and when Curt Cobain covered 3 of their tracks during the MTV Unplugged session. The Ted Leo track is one from their upcoming album that I believe they just finished recording and only need to fine tune now. Not very sure about The 88. They kick out a neat sound. Don't forget to click on that sunset picture I took. Haha. Make sure to check out the Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer as well - it looks excellent. Enjoy the weekend.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer
75 Or Less
Will Ferrell Videos
Listen Closer
Paintings by a Serial Killer
Wiffle Ball
RC Rally

6-5-04 - A rare weekend update! As promised, here is a tune from Jimi while in his NYC apartment back in 1968 or so. Not sure exactly where I got this from, but it's pretty amazing. You can hear a phone ringing in the background and him shifting through his music. Very neat. About a million miles away we stumble upon Ugly Casanova. I know I've posted this track "Baby Clean Conscience" before, but I felt it'd been stashed away in extramile so people may have missed it. Plus it's a studio version. Hopefully Issac releases the other Ugly Casanova material. Apparently they recorded upwards of 30 tracks while doing Sharpen Your Teeth. Go Smarty Jones!

Talkie Walkie
Teaching the...
Informative Bush Game
Beer Dude 2

5-24-04 - Quickie - A couple of live Iron & Wine songs to start off the week. "The Rooster Moans" and "Upward Over the Mountain" are two of Sam Beams more brilliant compositions from his debut album, "The Creek Drank The Cradle." The recording is pretty good considering it's audience. And don't forget They'll be in Arlington, VA at IOTA on the 21st and 22nd of June. If unfamiliar with IOTA, it's a tiny bar that serves delicious food and brings through excellent live music on a regular basis. Oh, and the Mouse were at HFStival this past weekend. They got through all but one song from their set. Apparently B. Weikel was losing it in the sweltering heat and they had to cut Cowboy Dan out. Bummer. Setlist: Bury Me With It, 3rd Planet, World at Large (Issac on Fender Rhodes Piano), Wild Pack of Family Dogs, Float On, Paper Thin Walls, Interstate 8, Doin' the Cockroach, Never Ending Math Equation. I feel like I was there! Definitely a delightful set.
I&W Live
Nick Drake on BBC
Beach Volleyball
Krazy Golf
Kill Some Time
Close your Eyes

5-21-04 - The G had some memorable moments which won't be forgotten. Some you wish to forget, others not so much. What? That was off the subject, apologies. Ok, so D's didn't close down due to D moving back to Thailand you twits, apparently homeless people trying to live in the bathroom, among other things, contributed to the demise. I ordered two The Robot Ate Me disks the other day, I'm waiting patiently to hear the sound of their second full length. The first was a breath of fresh air, very experimental.
Pixies Set Matrix
IQ Test
Mad Shark
Evil Cube
Pool Sumo Wrestlers
Nick Drake Home Recordings

5-17-04 - Thai, you will never be forgotten. Kowski, thanks for showing us the "key spot" and making us "EAT THE PICKLE LAST!" D's was a bit of a roller coaster the past few years, but when it peaked, it was impossible to beat. The Cicadas are pretty much out in full force. Here are some pictures I took of them in the hatching stages. Pretty neat. Goscard will be updated shortly, apologies for the hiatus, but the tour is back. What a back 9 on Saturday, unconscious.
The Suberbs are killing us
Lil John
Starsky and Hutch Pinball
Beer Belt
Devendra Videos at Spin
Radiohead and Beck Live Mp3

5-11-04 - Click on the picture to find out Cicada emergence updates in our region. Driving into work this morning one flew into my windshield and knocked himself out. When I got to work I helped the guy out and put him on a telephone pole. He must have just hatched recently. This is the 3rd one I've seen in the past two days. Shouldn't be long now! Received the Pixies DVD in the mail the other day, excellent. The live performance in London is great and I found the interviews with select musicians really neat. Thom Yorke, David Bowie, and Bono sing their praises for the Pixies and Frank himself. Devendra Banhart's new disk is solid. Finger pickin good. I listened to this guy Matt Ward on Morning Becomes Eclectic the other day and he's quite an interesting musician. He reminds me of Chan Marshall in a way. Check him out.
Said the Gramaphone
Britain For Americans
Fred Dursts website
Ping Pong
Chappelle's Skateboarding
Matt Ward KRCW
Devendra Banhart KRCW

5-4-04 - 23 years ago Robert Nesta Marley passed away. An influential icon is an understatement. Years have passed, yet, his music still rings true. Generations have clung to his music, which not only speaks tones about him as a musician, it's speaks tones about his message and him as a person. "Me only have one ambition, y'know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together - black, white, Chinese, everyone - that's all." As death, destruction, and hate ravages foreign lands there is no better time than now to think about this. People need not die for greed. People need not die for power. People need not die for no reason....period.
Passing on
Bob Marley

4-29-04 - For some reason, a wide variety of music has begun to surface lately. From some of the recent pixies shows to Hendrix sitting in his apartment in 1968 playing some blues tunes. The Hendrix recording is raw. You can hear the phone ringing in the background on one track, and him flipping through his music on others. If you're interested in a copy of any of the recent pixies shows, or Hendrix for that matter, let me know, I'll burn it for you. I'll probably begin to list my collection as it grows. Anyway, for the reasons stated above, I figured I'd throw up a link to some of the Pixies recent performances as well as add Hendrix in the next week or so.
Jagex Games
Bitch Pills
Pixies Live
Mum Live

4-27-04 - I thought this would be an interesting post. The banned Grey album. Combine the Beatles White album together with Jay-Z's Black album and wallah, you get the Grey Album. It's definitely an interesting listen. Songs such as "Mother Nature's Son," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," etc....are mixed down with Jay-Z's latest work. Click on the cover to your left for a background, some press, and to download the album. DJ Danger mouse, the producer, apparently spent two weeks for 15 hours a day brainstorming and finding a way to make this work. The results are quite entertaining.
Lego Trashman Game
Save the Castle
City Jumper
Pulp Simpson Sketch
Soccer Chants .mp3
DC/VA/MD Shows

4-20-04 - A little Jimmy Page tribute. "White Summer" is a song composed by Page while with the Yardbirds. Nice jam on the acoustic. He later incorporated it into Zeppelin's repertoire of live performances which was a nice treat for any Zeppelin fan at the time. Jimmy Page Discography of some earlier stuff. This is a bit off course, but...Be sure to check out The Notwist and Mum. I know pitchfork bashed Mum recently, but really, who is pitchfork anyway? Haven't heard the new Mum, but the old one is solid along with The Notwists. Check out Django Reinhardt's New release.
He should be in everyones collection.
Sweedish Rap
Lemmings (sort of)
Score a Million
Mark Ryden
Wooster Collective
Baseball Hair

4-14-04 - A little Devendra Banhart update as the new release nears. Click the pic for a little bio. The Body Breaks is a track from the upcoming album which gets released on the 24th I believe. Like Iron & Wine, this is another example of someone going from the rough around the edges sound to studio. He's playing at IOTA on the 24th of June. Other shows in the next couple months include Califone @ IOTA and Beulah @ The Black Cat.

Bill Murray Sound Bites
Homer Sound Bites
Dr. Evil Sound Bites
Samuel L. Jackson Bites
A Team Van Racing
Spear Brittany