Wow. Hehe. So, it's been quite awhile, and in my state this afternoon there was no reason, none at all, to deny the woodlands an update! It's only been eons. I hope everyone is well. Anyway, a couple of things I wanted to post today, some or most may have already been thrown out there, no worries though.

The Dodos. This twosome is extremely unique. They make quite a bit of sound with the accompanying instruments, and the drummer has a fantastic mustache. You cannot go wrong with that! "Men" and "Trades and Tariffs" are two of my favorites, you can access both of those at their myspace page or watch it below! Their page has "experimental" as the description, and I'd say that's fair. Bear with me as the cobwebs come undone.

Along with the dodos come Bishop Allen. I've been enjoying them quite a bit.

Bishop Allen - Rain
Bishop Allen - Click, Click, Click, Click

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