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September 12, 2008


If you ever knew my family growing up, you certainly heard of Eddie and Daisy, our loyal companions. We lost Eddie just about 4 years ago, and earlier this week we lost Daisy. Life will never be the same without these two, and I don't think it was ever quite the same for Daisy once Edward had moved on.

Edward and Daisy could not have been luckier. We moved into Mantua in 1996, which is set on 3/4 of an acre, and all that land backed up to acres upon acres of parkland littered with deer, foxes, owls, bobcats(anyone!?!?), etc. In the prime of their lives, they were walked leash free through the woods in the morning and at night, daily. I think we once calculated that in a 5 year span, they visited those woods behind our house over 2500 times, that's how dedicated my father was to getting them on a good walk and allowing them to be dogs.

As they would cross the path onto the side where the "knobbly tree" sat, Daisy would catch the scent of deer, leading Edward in the right direction of their whereabouts. He would shoot off like a rocket while Daisy kept to her instincts and sniffed her way 'round where the deer would be going to once Eddie had unsettled them. This was a scenario repeated during their life. Snow, rain, thunder, wind, lightening, ice, you name it. They always had that walk and always had that adventure, just the two of them.

I try and take that same approach to this very day with my dogs. Regardless of the weather, my mood or pain, I want my dogs to be as lucky as Eddie and Daisy were, for they set the bar for the life a dog should lead.

The memories of these two amazing companions of ours will always live on. Every day I walk Sam & Lola down to the creek for their daily run I am able to take solace in the fact that I am giving back to them what they give to me. Happiness. That is the most important lesson that was passed along from Ed and Daisy, and one I will always cherish.

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