One day one....maybe. Seeing as my Fridays Covered section completely flopped recently, along with my job, I figure today to be as good as any to post a couple Royal City tracks, one of which happens to be...(insert suspense)...a cover. Royal City infuse folk & bluegrass with a bit of a twist, especially with their "Is This It" Spokes cover. Coming from Three Gut Records, "Under A Hollow Tree" is another fine example of what these guys are about. Refreshing.

Royal City - Is This It
Royal City - Under A Hollow Tree

Songs: Ohia is Jason Molina. "Two Blue Lights" is a delicate, short, soft song that I see as a perfect nightcap minus the bourbon. The female vocals make this track that much more enjoyable.

Songs:Ohia - Two Blue Lights

Confirmed Bonaroo 2005
Iron & Wine - Joanna Newsom - My Morning Jacket - Secret Machines - Widespread Panic - Dave Matthews Band - The Allman Brothers Band - Jack Johnson - Alison Krauss + Union Station - Modest Mouse - Gov't Mule - Bela Fleck Acoustic Trio - The Mars Volta - John Prine - Yonder Mountain String Band - Keller Williams - Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Earl Scruggs & Friends - Joss Stone - O.A.R. - Toots and the Maytals - Umphrey's McGee - Ozomatli - Rilo Kiley - Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Drive-By Truckers - Particle - Xavier Rudd - Ray Lamontagne - The Gourds - Donna The Buffalo - John Butler Trio - Ollabelle - Citizen Cope - Brazilian Girls - M. Ward - Madeleine Peyroux

I know I may have posted this track once upon a time, but the late Shannon Yarbroughs "Unknown Brooklyn" is a favorite of mine.

Shannon Yarbrough - Unknown Brooklyn

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Thanks to the eclectic Largehearted Boy for the kind words today though I've been a bit of a slacker lately. He linked up a couple of shows from the live section. Thanks.

Dealership were thrown together by a couple of UC Berkeley composition students Chris Groves and Wetherell(Chris). Quite an impressive pop sound follows, even more so considering how it became.

Dealership - Tetsuo
Dealership - California

Blake Thomas and The Downtown Brown are a band from Madison, Wisconsin. Folk/Bluegrass is the genre from which they reside beneath. The track "Hardly in Tune" was brought to my attention via a buddy over at yerbird records. Check out the Hank Williams line around 3:15.

Blake Thomas and The Downtown Brown - Hardly in Tune
Blake Thomas and The Downtown Brown - Sarah

I think this guy Jason Collett must have gotten mixed up amidst the Broken Social Scene buzz. I only heard a few snippets from the album on Arts & Crafts site, but it sounded intriguing. You can stream the album here.

Eye Of Science
Look at Book

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Tiny Mix Tapes spat out some great news last week regarding Portishead and The Robot Ate Me. Portishead are preparing to release their first album in 7+ years while The Robot Ate Me are re-releasing On Vacation with splendidly special new artwork with a jewel case containing beads and berries, not the hand carved booklet. They then follow that up with a new album in April titled Kill Rock Stars. I believe On Vacation to be one of the top 5 albums of 2004 in terms of experimentation, lyricism, and overall play calling.

Speaking of play calling, The Eagles and Patriots are set to face off in Jacksonville in two weeks. Yay. Two teams I despise. The Eagles rolled over the Falcons and the Pats burried Burger.

The Robot Ate Me - On Vacation(mpg)

Centro-Matic is coming to DC9 on the 1st of March.

Centro-Matic - Flashes and Cables
Centro-Matic - Numbers 1 and 3
Will Johnson of CM- Karchers Contacts
Will Johnson of CM- Murder of Tides

A Graham and the Moment Band - Glorious
A Graham and the Moment Band - Motorcycle Shades

Cass McCombs also just released a new album titled PREfection. He's touring in the west with MM.
Cass McCombs - Sacred Heart

Interesting Test

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I was able to check out The Avett Brothers on Friday at IOTA with some cronies and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't own an album before the trip, but stumbled out with two in hand. I'd heard a few tracks they'd posted on their site and another one that made it's way around the net recently, but other than that wasn't really sure what to expect. The energy these guys brought to the stage was inspiring. An acoustic, banjo, stand up bass, good lyrics and two great voices all seemed to fill the right spots at the right time. The Mammals were supposedly headlining the show but things would have clearly been better off reversed. The Mammals were more of your traditional bluegrass sound, but seemed a bit out of place after such a performance by the Avett Brothers. I'm not sure what else to say....it was great.

The lack of updates is solely due to the fact that I'm redesigning and hit a brick wall. It's not going to be much different. The Modest Mouse show from BC has been encoded and will be placed in the extramile section in the next day or two. For real, I finally found the first disk.

For DC and the surrounding area, the Mouse will appear on Austin City Limits with Guided By Voices at 2Am on the 23rd of January.

Greg Weeks was featured on pitchfork a couple days ago for his recent release titled Blood is trouble. He has an interesting story concerning his bout with carpel tunnel/tendonitis which has hindered his playing for awhile now. He plays guitar for the Espers who have a fantastic CD out themselves.

Greg Weeks - Shady Skies and Lullabies
Greg Weeks - Leaves and Limerance

Sweeder - "This Chicago-based indie threesome creates lovely little pop songs that are infused with the ethereal atmosphere of the kinds of dreams from which you wake up smiling. The music is warm, luscious, velvety; it sidles up beside you and strokes your senses. This isn't to suggest that it's not without its rough, lonesome, anguished moments, but these are always framed by the overall loveliness of the songs' compositions, allowing you to experience them without anxiety." - Epitonic

Sweeder - Moon
Sweeder - Bells Lament

The Arcade Fire featured a new song on their KCRW performance called "intervention" and covered a magnetic fields track.

Some lhb news clips:
Joanna Newsom to play on Jimmy Kimmel
We Will Become Silhouettes video from the United States Postal Service.
The rise of Mozilla and Firefox

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Brown Cardigan has posted Rolling Stones Top 500 songs and albums of all time. I guess you would go to Rolling Stone for that, but why when Cardigan rocks it out?

Okkervil River is a real river outside St. Petersburg which the band learned about in a story by Tatyana Tolstaya , the talented great-grandniece of Leo Tolstoy.

It Ends With A Fall
A Favor
He Passes Number 33
The War Criminal Rises and Speaks

And for those of you located in the DC area, IOTA serves up a nice show on Friday evening featuring The Avett Brothers and The Mammals. It should be fingerpickin good!

Avett Brothers - At The Beach
Avett Brothers - A Lot of Moving
Avett Brothers - Let Myself Live
The Mammals - Satisfied Mind
The Mammals - Rage (Against The Ice Machine)

Things will be back to normal around here soon. Pitchfork has their new design rollin......

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Total slackidge over here. I've been redesigning the site again, and that's taken much more time than anticipated. Speaking of redesigns, I think pitchspork has redesigned their site.

Matt Marquee is a singer/songwriter from Chicago and has had helping hands from a variety of people - Glenn Kotche (Wilco), Griffin Rodriguez (HIM), Gillian Lisee (Fruit Bats), Ben Massarella (Califone). "I think some people tend to gravitate towards music in order to exorcise their personal demons or find meaning in their lives or get in touch with their emotions or what have you. It’s possible but I don’t know that that is the case with what I do. Mostly I’m trying to make something that is beautiful to me." - MM (Truckstop Records)

Matt Marquee - High
Matt Marquee - We (Simultaneously
Matt Marquee - Here We Are

I stumbled upon this track "Love Will" by Suburban Kids With Biblical Names on Talkie Walkie. They've been around for about a year or so and really throw catchy sounds around. It reminds me of a song I can't seem to recall. Doo Doo doodoo duh duh. No.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Love Will
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Rent a Wreck

Sounds from Labrador Records

"For a decade now, Superchunk frontman and Merge Records label guy Mac McCaughan has used the Portastatic pseudonym to pursue his musical obsessions outside his main gig. Throughout the '90s, McCaughan recorded three records of instrumental experimentalism and cinematic sound-scaping -- with a few bursts of pure indie rock thrown in -- under this alias: I Hope Your Heart Is Not Brittle ('94), Slow Note from a Sinking Ship ('95), and The Nature of Sap ('97)." - Epitonic

Portastatic - Chesapeake
Portastatic - Stealing Romance
Portastatic - Noisy Night

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Music will be back soon

Arcade Fire is on Morning Becomes Eclectic next Monday
Yerbird Records has some neat stuff in the works. Check it out and dig around a bit.

The Friend Store from South Park. Remake of the Monty Python skit "Dead Parrot."
Holy Grail in Legos(6mb download).

Before & After. A glimpse of the awful destruction caused by the Tsunami

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Friends Of The Library really produce an interesting sound. Stairs without a case. Something spacey about it. Click the band name if you'd like to hear more.

Red Horse
Snow And Sand
Scientist Weighs The Stars

Will Simmons makes music for the label Bees Make Honey, an online open project/label or something like that. A few tracks are available at the site but it looks as though it's been inactive since 2002. They were/are/ain't located in PA...

Will Simmons - She Was Listening To My Guitar

First the Grey Album and now Jay-Zeezer? Can't figure it out.

Ashcroft & Bacon

Deerhoof - Xmas Tree
Elliot Smith (Brooklyn)

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Huon is a certain variety of Tasmanian pine tree and the name which these aussies go by. Lo-Fi pop vaguely categorizes them as things tend to bend from here to there in a psychedelic way, song to song. Hailing from Melbourne, these four seem to finagle a sound into your head. "Uplifting" was the track that did it for me.

Huon - Uplifting
Huon - Hazy
Huon - Complex

The Bingo Trappers remind me of Bob Dylan on another planet. "The Bingo trappers come straight out of Amsterdam. They debuted somewhere in 1995, and instantly became one of the most popular bands of the belgian-dutch lofi wave of that time. In a press release they were stated as being 'one of the most promising indiepopbands in holland'." - BT Web Bio

Bingo Trappers - Local Scenemaker
Bingo Trappers - Gods Biographer
Bingo Trappers - Manual For A Safe Trip

"Nickelback, you lazy, talentless bunch of wankers. What, did you think nobody would notice that you're recycling your hideous dirge and selling it all over again to your deluded fan base?"

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I forgot to post the last update of the year before I went 5,000 feet above the level of sea to celebrate the end of 2004. Oh well. My quest - 31 days with 31 bands - ended up an update or four short, but nevermind, I think accomplished half of my goals by posting 31 bands. Part of todays update is from then, but that was last year....so....happy new year.

"Go to *sixeyes and scroll for the telepathic butterflies. It's some super stuff." Here's a direct link to the Telepathic Butterflies site where you can find some songs and a quick link. Get over to sixeyes for some more goodies from them and many others.

Telepathic Butterflies - All Very Hoopla!
Telepathic Butterflies - Sunshine Radio
Telepathic Butterflies - A Final Word

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 Movie (via lhb)

Our Music Reviewer Spoon(see Music Reviews) suggested The Crimea last week. Here's a track Fred Flinstone/Baby Boom from a Peel session. Couldn't find white russian.

Seeing as this is what this site was going to be used for once upon a time, I decided to post a couple tracks I made quite awhile ago. As usual, the vocals are nonexistent. If we could get our full band going, it'd be a much more interesting listen(good or bad? Not sure, hopefully the former).

Ayres - Untitled
Ayres - Untitled

Yahoo now has direct links on their main page for contribution to the tsunami disaster.

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