I mentioned Eric Hurlock a couple of weeks ago so I figured why not do a revisit seeing as my post contained absolutely nothing. He's a singer/songwriter from planet earth with a knack for making some good stuff. It's no secret that the Woodlands enjoy all of the above, especially when an acoustic is thrown into the mix. He's a talented guitar player and songwriter. I look forward to hearing some more material of his in the future. Here are few more tracks which I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Link 1 2

Eric Hurlock - Cornfield
Eric Hurlock - Hole In The Ground
Eric Hurlock - Cheaper Less Painful
Eric Hurlock - Old Ways

Thanks again Morgan for the heads up...check out the link as he'll be releasing a disk in the near future from Sounds Like Fall titled The Wolf Is At The Door. Another great singer/songwriter.

Andrew Bird fits nicely with them all. He's from Chicago. The track "A Nervous Tic Motion of The Head to the Left" is stuck in my head. Partly because I feel I've heard it before, but mostly because it's a great song. Here's a link to his sounds. A notable link contained within that page is the Woodsongs radio hour. "the world's biggest online acoustic performance archive." Wow. Thanks Spoon (see music reviews)

Andrew Bird - A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left

Explosions In The Sky make some great instrumental music. Have a gander at their site and check out these eight shows they've got available at The Archive.

A Thanksgiving album has been released. Some crazy story about the UPC's not being available or something so it sat for a couple years in some warehouse.

Thanksgiving - Ageism

Modest Mouse has a Poster Series they've been selling at their shows since early January. Each one contains a lyric varying from poster to poster intertwined with some art.

The Compute tracks below isn't working right now. Apologies. Check back as I'm sure it'll be on air again soon.

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Denouement - formed semi-recently - are from the west coast. I know nothing about them apart from that. I stumbled into them at Talkie Walkie. Anyway, "Clotted Together" was a track that stuck out which I thoroughly enjoyed. "Down and Inside Out" was another. Find some more sounds at their site.

Denouement - Clotted Together
Denouement - Down and Inside Out

"Compute is the name of a one-woman project consisting of Ulrika Mild. I make lo-fi sythpop; synthetic music that someone forgot to wipe clean. When compute performs live, my friend Renee Gustafsson helps me out by playing splendid keyboard and singing enchanting backing vocals, but otherwise it's just me and my machines. And you of course, listening in the other end. Welcome." Electroid pop it is, and it's a nice listen. They've just released an EP on Freedom Road Records.

Compute - Dance With Me
Compute - I Will Be With You
Compute - Turn Your Head

M. Ward show is back up.

And for D.C. and the surrounding area, Lou Barlow will be at IOTA on the 5th of March. Following him up on the 8th is the Avett Brothers, who we saw a little over a month ago. They put on a terrific show. Centro-matic will also be in town on March 1st. The Animal Collective, Bloc Party, and The Wedding Present follow in April early May.

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Go get M. Wards new album, Transistor Radio...Go on then...if you're hesitant to do so, go and have a listen to it. Tiny Mix Tapes and Pitchfork both seemed to enjoy it.

Crooked Fingers is KEXP this morning/afternoon @ 12. If you're not a crooked fingers fan, say the hell with it and go and have a listen to KEXP anyway, it's a great station.

Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight, Goodnight
The Wedding Present - Interstate 5
Biirdie - You've Got Darkness

The tracks above are from Hot Hot Heat and The Wedding Presents new disks....I think

The last 12 Pixie(s) shows (thanks lhb)

The always steady Each Note Secure features two tracks that didn't make it onto the Wrens 2003 effort, The Meadowlands.

The Unicorn Feathers site is slowly coming together. I had the track "Bad News" up here a little while back, but here are some other sounds...good stuff.

Apple Pie is originally a British recipe...

Let me plug in and get the M. Ward show back up as we shall celebrate the release of Transistor Radio. Check back this evening (It's back on the air).

And last but not least, a tribute to the late Hunter S. Thompson. Here's the last article he wrote over at Espn's Page 2.

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"The lucys began in 1996 as the vehicle for Jesse Jameson's beautiful and warbling folk rock songwriting." The songs stand in between folk and...I dunno, pop? Regardless, it's welcome.

The Lucys - Ghosts of the Drainage Ditch
The Lucys - Invitation

Stumbled across Between Thought and Expression via Lhb this morning which features a Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan session from CBS in 1969.

Johnny & Bob - Ring Of Fire

Jack Johnson is releasing a new ablum titled In Between Dreams March 1st. You can view the video for the single "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" Here.

Morning Recordings is the solo work of Pramod Tummala whose main gig was with Melochrome till they decided to take a break. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as yet another musician was able to set out and bring his own ideas to fruition.

Morning Recordings - Summer Tapes

I'd like to get the M. Ward and Jimi tunes back up soon, so bear with if you're waiting patiently.

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X-Wife - Eno

Lou Barlow - Home

Iron & Wine - Woman King

Rogue Wave - Nourishment Nation

A Cricket in Times Square - Careless

Loretta Lynn & Jack White - Portland Oregon

Ben Lee appears on Morning Becomes Eclectic at the end of the month.

Tiny Mix Tapes spoke with Eric Judy of Modest Mouse about the bands success, new material, and signing autographs.

Pitchfork speaks with Arcade Fire. HERE

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The Furtips are not from Amsterdam, but instead Arnhem East Netherlands. They make enjoyable pop tunes with catchy sounds, keyboards, and a voice just as unique as the lyrics. They hooked up with Animal World Recordings in 1998.

Furtips - Chosen Ones
Furtips - Bunny Falcon

"If the Devil makes work for idle hands, than Anton LaVey would be awfully proud of Duochrome. A year in the making, between many idle hours of TV viewing, Tactical Knives serves up 14 helping of that devilishly tasty indie-pop that you've grown to love." - Epitonic

Duochrome - Shimmer Protector
Duochrome - Standard Deviation

Unfortunately Duochrome and Caterpillar don't have homes(at least ones that I can find) on the web. Caterpillar make songs filled with some rather different lyricism which makes it that more entertaining while giving a listen. "Pine Cone" and "Nimble Tongs Wait" are two tracks from Peace, Love, and Popularity

Caterpillar - Pine Cone
Caterpillar - Nimble Tongs Wait

Chan Marshall speaking with The New Zealand Herald....always interesting.

Get your tickets for the Haymaker Festival which will have musicians raning from Keller Williams to the Drive By Truckers to the Hackensaw Boys....the festival is a three day event in VA. Early bird specials just went on sale for $55.

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One day that spring Cynthia said to Anna, "Let's play some music. You can play the guitar and sing, and I'll play drums. Neither of us knows how. It'll be fun."
- Carrot top records

The Naysayer - Dead End Road
The Naysayer - Woman on 11th Street

Another intriguing listen I found over at carrot top was the Tall Dwarfs. "Pioneers of the lo-fi aesthetic, the Tall Dwarfs spluttered into life during 1979 by singers/songwriters Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate following the demise of their previous band, the legendary Toy Love." - Carrot top Records

Tall Dwarfs - Meet The Beatle
Tall Dwarfs - Baby It's Over

A balloon solo? Genius! "Jennifer Gentle comes from Padova, a foggy city in Northern Italy, not so far from Venice. She was born in early 2000 and her short life has been both quiet and tumultuous, at the same time. Actually, Jennifer Gentle is not a girl, but a band formed by two guys: Marco Fasolo, 23, who sings and plays guitar, and Alessio Gastaldello, 30, thinking drummer." - Subpop

Jennifer Gentle - I Do Dream You

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Steffen Basho Junghans makes some of the more impressive acoustic instrumental music I've heard. "Drawing inspiration from themes such as 'space, structure, and state' in creating wildly strange, organic compositions that merge minimalist technique, American blues, Eastern raga, and the folk guitar tradition." And he's self-taught.

Steffan Basho Junghans - Hear The Winds Coming
Steffan Basho Junghans - Inside The Rain

This low-fi song from Eric Hurlock is...just...listen to it.

Eric Hurlock - Hole In The Ground

A big thanks to Jerry D. from Moviola for sending me moviola's latest disk "East of Eager", a fellow bandmembers project Catalpa Boys and throwing a link up on their site. I'm enjoying both disks...thank you guys!

I have no idea how or where this starving bandwidth monster came from, but I checked my shit out today and everything had doubled. I can't seem to find the stem of the source either, so if the site disappears for a day or two, you know why. It's as if a robot sat and streamed all the tunes on repeat for 24 hours. Either way, that's why the extramile section is missing for the time being and a few songs are unavailable. I logged on to upload the BC show, so that's obviously on hold.

So this is the new design. Not everything is complete, but hopefully there is a bit more structure to the content. If something doesn't look/work right - It should display correctly in both Mozilla and IE - post a comment.

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Here's the real link to the Grizzly Bear website who will be opening of for The Chance on the 28th of March at DC9....Additional Chance Sounds. C'mon, take a chance.

The Chance - Seasons Of Love

A lot has been mentioned about these guys Hood recently. Tiny Mix Tapes, Pitchfork. Have a listen, it's an interesting mix of electroid sounds. The first 20 seconds bring a beat that reminds me of Eminem's "my name is" for some reason. Though there's no comparison between the two musically, it's definitely a compelling sound they produce.

Hood - The Lost You

I also finally received my Espers disk in the mail the other day. Great album for the psych/folk in you. It's a side project which includes Greg Weeks who I mentioned a little while back.

Release page for M. Wards new album - February 22nd

Twisted Cable
The cable has twisted, around my room, up beside the photos, and down beneath the broom, so "which way is it" the burgler asked the kite, "hiden by the canvas, by the fires bright light."

This has probably been mentioned everywhere except my left nostril - my finger is stuck - but David Byrne joined Arcade Fire the other day?? Thanks again to Brooklyn Vegan, who continues to provide everyone with such delightful stuff. Conan Appearance.

And lastly, Six Eyes had these guys Wintersleep posted today. Click Here for More

Wintersleep - Jaws Of Life

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